Thursday, February 07, 2008

"I have not seen equal pies from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...."

I promise I will have something neato to show you very, very shortly that falls into the categories of lighting and sculpture (and IKEA but right now I just have to share this because it is completely cracking me up.

I noticed via my stat counter the other day that Modern in MN was getting a lot of hits from a particular Spanish language website, so I went to it and thanks to the help of AltaVista's Babelfish, I've been following what is turning out to be an extensive discussion about my house. What makes it funny, however is that web page translation ends up being more than a little vague...or wrong...and it leads to sentences like the title above.

Other than the understanding that my pies apparently exceed those in classic film, I can gather I'm not too big a loser. My favorite comment was something to the effect of "good thing the gringo can't hear us" !! In all fairness, I tried chiming in at that point but got bogged down in the log in stuff (I don't speak Spanish if you haven't already figured that out).
Good or bad, I wish for a way to get a better translation of the discussion. Perhaps the problem is the difference between Castilian Spanish and North American Spanish?
Anyway...hola and thanks for visiting! The language of design is universal, no?

The whole thing reminds me of my trip to Spain in '04 (immediately leaving the same day as...our closing on the lot for Modern in MN) , riding around and passing construction projects in progress on "the motos", and having the unquenchable desire to know what the Spanish equivalent of Home Depot might be like.

"To hell with the Prado, take me to the hardware store."
Safe to say my traveling companions probably wouldn't have been down with that detour! :)
Proof of my infection with the DIY bug even then...