Friday, June 27, 2008

Modern in MN Meets Miami Beach

Remember this, from this post?

I finally got around to getting an after photo of this mystery project. Not that it's done, mind you, but I figured since it seems to have reached a state of stasis I may as well show you what I've got and maybe get some opinions.
Here's the full view of the $20 worth of re-purposed IKEA shelf parts made into a frame skinned with white Acrylite on both sides:

It doesn't look like much and that's not really it's final destination as far as location, but like I said, it's a work in progress. The white sticks I just threw in there offhandedly one day but they seem to have stuck and ever since I've been torn between trying to figure out a way to get them to stand up in there all permanent-like or rigging the frame to hold planter boxes for some kind of living sculpture/space divider/random weird white box thing.
But the real point of the deal was to make a light sculpture, so here's the night view:

Neato, huh?
Actually, quite a bit less so in photos compared to real life, but you get the idea.
Inside the frame is a length of 3 color LED rope light that was subjected to a little electrical hacking courtesy of Boy. It can be programmed to cycle through the color spectrum, change colors or just display one color. I think the effect is pretty cool and it makes for an interesting visual element in the room at night but again, it's just not quite all that I want it to be yet...
Suggestions welcome!