Sunday, February 19, 2006

Find your complimentary swiffer slippers at the door

I hold my breath as we set the glass deck panels into place, followed immediately by the first of what will be an eternity of dusty footprints!

Strong arms ease the first panel into place:

See it?

The overall effect of the clear glass is exciting! It's strange and a little scary to walk on at first. Aside from the obvious weirdness of walking on glass, all of the panel edges are bound by the steel framework, so the sense is that it could be just a thin pane. The framework sits about 7" higher than the beam that supports it, and upon which the uprights bear, so there's also a weird sense that the entire railing side is just floating out in nothing.

Welcome to Modern in MN.
Adrenaline rush and elevated heart rate our pleasure.
Skirts prohibited.
Please keep legs and feet inside the railing at all times and keep walking until you've reached your destination.
Grab on and enjoy the walk :)


Blogger l3utterfish said...

hello.. first time in your blog and totally love it!!

question about the glass? is is especial? wich thickness??

11:20 AM  

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