Monday, July 23, 2007

New Ride

A while back I submitted a request to one of my favorite sites, Apartment Therapy, soliciting advice and ideas on what to do with the sort of strange nook in the foyer. AT was kind enough to post my request, and I got a ton of great suggestions that really helped me start thinking about this space with a fresh perspective. (Thanks AT!)

Among the replies were a couple of suggestions for wheeled things and that seemed particularly fitting. I really liked Art's motorcycle idea but just couldn't see how I could possibly execute what he was proposing. Another good one from Alana, " a rusty old trike" struck a chord with me as well, but when I seriously considered that proposition, I figured I could shop for ten years and never find a rusty old tricycle that would work. And even if I could, that type of organized, purposeful search for such a random thing ruins part of the charm of it for me so I filed the idea away in the back of my head thinking....'if I ever run across an old trike'... and proceeded to ponder.

Then yesterday as we were on our way out of the neighborhood on a errand, we passed by one of the older homes nearby that's recently been sold and is sitting vacant awaiting what I can only assume will be a tear-down. And lo and behold, there at the curb at the end of the driveway sits a genuine rusty old trike. No kidding.
I just about flipped, and breathlessly had to explain to Boy why that was just the most amazingly perfect coincidence EVER and "holy crap I completely can't even believe it". Despite my excitement, Boy, never quite knowing what he's going to be in for with me on any given day, was SO not feeling me insisting that he turn around and go back. I believe there were a few eye rolls and loud exhales involved, but turn around he did at the same time handing me his wallet (and wondering how much this little coincidence was going to cost him, no doubt). I jumped out and looked at the sign that was attached and flapping in the wind:


Whooohoooo!! But for the record, I would have paid at least $50 for it because it's that cool.

So, I bring you my newly triked foyer cubby:

It's still needing paint, the cubby walls, I mean, and I'm thinking I'll take the advice of suspending one or all of the windows from the ceiling and adding something organic, but the hard part appears to be over...and for free!

Paint color suggestions, anyone? I'm presently thinking a dark charcoal gray...

I wish I had some way to thank whomever put the trike out on the curb, because I really, really love it and it looks like it's got some great history.
I'm so happy I can give it a new home!