Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year from Modern in MN

Despite the fact that my guest room is still working overtime as a furniture graveyard, and I've still got that room plus a few other walls that are dressed only in dirty white primer, we bit the bullet and had a real, more-than-six-guests kind of party. Hopefully the first of many!

It was the official Modern in MN New Years Day Brunch Open House, and I've already decided it's going to be an annual event. True, it's a dead give-away that we're not big New Years Eve partiers because I had to get up before the sun to do last-minute prep, but it was well worth it and it's a genuine pleasure to spend time in my kitchen, even at the crack of dawn. We (and hopefully our guests!) had a lovely day enjoying great food and the company of friends, some of whom we've not seen since we were mired in projects and construction debris. Many tours were given, the glass deck was party tested, and if our friends and acquaintences didn't think we were crazy just from the stories, they sure do now :)

Rumor has it that Modern in MN is a hit with the kids, and thankfully the glass deck held up just fine to their craziness. Whew!

Proof that I do, on occasion, get up early in the post-construction era:

The sun rises, and the spread awaits:

Happy New Year! Here's to my quest to bring you some more down and dirty DIY in 2009!