Friday, June 24, 2011


The problem is, I just have way too many projects on my to-do list.

The shed:
Done except for paint on the soffits and a couple of pieces of trim.
The whole tree incident, other than causing the finished product to be slightly less perfectly level than it was prior, turned out to have gone about as well as a tree falling on anything could have, so once Spring rolled around we were basically ready to hit it with roofing and siding.

I went with the same Hardi-panel siding and exposed fastener design we did on the house, along with some corrugated, galvanized roofing leftovers. It took some thought, but we managed to use up just about everything we had in the way of scraps of both siding and metal, so it's a win all around.
shed front unpainted

The big picture window frame got painted red for a pop of color, and the rest the same grey as the house.
For another couple of hundred bucks in lumber, we carpenter-ed up the rest of the wrap around porch and a ramp topped off with some lovely cedar decking, and I now have the perfect spot for some outdoor soon as I find the a great set of chairs and side table.
shed with deck

With some patio pots added. Still waiting for paint on the soffits, but an excellent deal has been scored on some porch chairs and once those arrive, I have no more excuses. And it needs to stop raining every day, of course.
Modern Shed, Almost done!
I need to do something to screen the view of the shed contents through the windows. I was originally planning to hang a curtain across the front, inside, because I like the idea of making it seem like more of a little cottage, but now I've thought of the idea of using frost film directly on the windows and I'm waffling between the two.
Shocking, I know.

So, moving on to the next item on our DIY menu...