Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Modern Shed, the Finale

Here's a couple more shots of the completed shed, hurray!
east side finished

west side finished

I ended up taking your advice about trying the window frost spray for that big picture window. It worked kind of eh. It's doing the whole "obscuring" thing, but it's kind of blotchy despite my best efforts with the rattle can. Oh well. Once it bugs me long enough I'll bite the bullet and go with the more expensive plan B which was to put frost film on it.

The bad news is I still haven't gotten any furniture for the porch. Argh. I loved the Alfresco lounge chair and ottoman from Crate and Barrel--which I ordered. But the chairs showed up damaged twice and I got fed up and told them they could have their cheap Chinese crap back. Sadly, I should have known because I have the Alfresco patio furniture and I had to exchange the dining chairs multiple times to get five that weren't defective, bent, or otherwise damaged.
But the real bummer is I can't find anything else I like that would be functional and comfortable for a reasonable price.
Here is basically my dream chair for that darn porch. Only in my dream there are two of them, plus some kind of table/ottoman thingie. And that is not a dream I can afford to make into reality, at least not this year. Maybe I'll save my pennies over the winter though.
Gotta love the awesomeness that is Etsy artisans, though, right? :)

And I DEFINITELY need one of these
I just can't decide. Too. Much. (made in MN.) Awesomeness.

Oh, and did I tell you about that lovely dirt patch by the porch corner? I know, the lush, lovely lawn is distracting (I'm working on making that go mostly away, FWIW), but if you noticed that little pile of rubble there at the corner, it's the remnants of our former firepit which got relocated about ten feet farther north. Because nature always gets the last laugh, that "firepit" I figured was no big deal to interfere with because I could just rake it up and throw some grass seed there, is actually a giant hardened wad of fired clay. Because clay and fire=pottery. Doh. One of the many previously unrealized joys of having clay soil.
Anyway, if anyone has any ideas about what to do about that short of going to rent a jackhammer (for the umpteenth time) and ending up with a big hole in the ground, I'd love to hear it. Seems like I should be able to use a buried wad of hardened clay to my advantage somehow... And it also makes me wonder if there's a way to utilize fire to make an actual building foundation.