Sunday, February 19, 2006

Find your complimentary swiffer slippers at the door

I hold my breath as we set the glass deck panels into place, followed immediately by the first of what will be an eternity of dusty footprints!

Strong arms ease the first panel into place:

See it?

The overall effect of the clear glass is exciting! It's strange and a little scary to walk on at first. Aside from the obvious weirdness of walking on glass, all of the panel edges are bound by the steel framework, so the sense is that it could be just a thin pane. The framework sits about 7" higher than the beam that supports it, and upon which the uprights bear, so there's also a weird sense that the entire railing side is just floating out in nothing.

Welcome to Modern in MN.
Adrenaline rush and elevated heart rate our pleasure.
Skirts prohibited.
Please keep legs and feet inside the railing at all times and keep walking until you've reached your destination.
Grab on and enjoy the walk :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More Interior Photos

This is the fun part! Now, if only the dust fairy would pay us a visit and clean up her mess.

The newly grouted shower wall with floor in progress:

Cable lights in my studio. I wasn't sure about the combination of these and the exposed joists, but now that they're up, I love the gallery-esque light they give off, particularly at night.

What to do when you don't have $800 in the lighting budget for the reading lights you REALLY want? The $6.99 IKEA desk lamp, MacGyvered into a wall fixture for our MB bedside reading lights. For a total of $14, I'd say it's a fair trade.

*****As seen in the NEW YORK TIMES!!!!!!!!!********

R&D on the dining table chandelier. Having a 24ft steel beam over the table makes for some intersting options. These are made from porcelain sockets, cut up extension cord and horseshoe magnets. I'm still working on the details of the final product.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A sip of orange juice and things to come

One of these days I'll get a chance to compose a proper update, but in the mean time, here's some peeks at whats been going on (and up!)

The Orange Juice powder room. Love it or hate it? It about gave me a seizure putting it on but I think it's growing on me now.

Some of the great work by BW Welding and Fabrication:
Framework for the transparent deck ready for glass and cable.

My DIY cable rail. I think it's turned out beautifully.

A look at the "Farm and Home" lights, fans and balcony.

Some of the pantry cabinets. Hate that IKEA deco strip? Me too, so here's my answer: Aluminum angle from the home center, sanded and waxed to refine the finish a bit and installed to conceal undercabinet lighting.

The long awaited concrete ofuro, ready to pour.

Plain white 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" tile meets my passion for glass art. I think this is going to be one of my favorite rooms in the house and I can't wait to see this shower completed. I've got a couple of other neat tricks up my sleeve for in here, too.

I have so much more to share but just not enough time. Lots of this stuff is wrapped up now and should be ready for beauty shots very soon!
Stick around :)