Friday, August 17, 2007

In The Blink of an Eye

Whew. Have you checked in over at Splatgirl Creates in the last couple of days to read all about the very exciting developments that caused me to have to bust a move last week? It's completely whack.

I was already knee deep in three colors of paint trying to finish the foyer and nook (which, as of today, I still haven't wrapped up to my satisfaction), but then The New York Times called (Ha! Never in a bajillion years did I ever think I would utter those words) and the ensuing conversation caused me to drop all those brushes and get to work that very evening on the guest bathroom that had been languishing in primer for much too long.
Paint was slung, accessories were purchased and sleep was lost, but just like that it's a real room!

The bonus of the whole deal, really, as if it weren't enough that the NYT wanted ME and my Splatgirlieized IKEA locker vanity, which, to tell you the truth I never really thought was that big of a deal, is that the room is nearly finished. Still on the to-do list is tiling or otherwise addressing the tub surround and as you may have guessed, I'm on the fence about how to treat it.

Anyway, here's the room!!

Look for us in the Home and Garden section on Sept. 6th! Whoooohooo!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Half Way to a Finished Foyer

aka, progress on the upstairs:

Much better than white, no? This is the same Naples Blue from the huge east wall, and despite my dislike of it paired with the red that I talked about previously, I think the addition of another layer of decorating really has it working in the foyer.
The Kandinsky poster is a leftover from our old house, and I think it ties what I've got going on so far together perfectly but it's a little small for this wall. So, in lieu of acquiring the original "Yellow, Red, Blue" which it appears is owned by Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, (ha! can you imagine?) I think I am just going to replace it with a nicer, larger giclee of the same painting. I'm also still considering a narrow table for under the print since, as has been pointed out, the room lacks the all important landing strip. And hurray for the cheap big plants and pots at IKEA. The sturdy old corn plant may not be my favorite, but I like that they're tall and didn't cost me $300 each.

I'm still working on the cubby over on the other wall so I'll have to keep that under wraps for a while longer. I will tell you that after retrieving some of the last of our stuff from storage over at Boy's mom's house, I've been reminded that we had the most perfect collection of cool, relevant chachke for the space all along...not that the trike isn't a great addition.

(OMG. Was that me admitting to having chachke?)

Stay tuned for a finished room, coming soon!