Thursday, March 27, 2008

Playing on the Flor

I remember when this product was first introduced. I thought it was fantastic then, and it's just gotten cooler and cooler. The problem was, for me, that I could never commit to a pattern or a texture or a color.
But finally, after all these years, I was able to choose...

...a few.

For about a hundred bucks, I got a perfectly sized and perfectly colored and durable new "rug" for our mudroom. Because, believe it or not, there's just not that much to choose from in orange, red, blue, turquoise and green :)
Yay for FLOR!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tight White Pants in the Bedroom

I have had an epiphany about the color orange: It's the tight white pants of the paint world.

Yes, these are the life changing revelations that reveal themselves to me when I least expect it, whether I'm ready or not.

What can I say.

But you know the way that there is a rather specific and limited type of anatomy that will look good in tight white pants, namely, nothing less than perfectly sculpted and cellulite-free thighs and butt? Like those pants, orange paint requires a certain type of house anatomy to work as a wall color.

And if you've got it, you've gotta work it.

Maybe I'm making up for not being a tight white pants girl.

Anyway, that all does have a point, I promise.

So I've been working on the bedroom, and I went into the whole project intending to provide you with full disclosure and the down and dirty before pictures that always seem to make the after pictures that much more satisfying.
But I sort of flaked on it until I was almost done unloading the room, so this is all the before I have:

Fast forward almost two weeks (I caught a nasty balloon-head-attached-to-body-by-string cold), and I am about 2/3 done:

As usual, the wall color proved difficult to get an accurate read on in photographs, but it's Benjamin Moore Blue Nova, kind of an inky, purply blue.

I'm not 100% in love with it yet, but I think by the time I put on the finishing touches and get the room accessorized, it's going to work.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Constant State

I guess it's testament to craziness and the constant state of half-done around here that my friends can come over to hang out and eat and chat and not bother to ask what the deal is with this stuff and why it's in the middle of our livingroom:

They're used to it...or perhaps they are just too polite :)

I thought I would have (and should have) had this done and ready to show you long ago, but once I got the basic idea out there were just too many delicious possibilities presenting themselves and I lost my focus in a sea of indecision.
But an even better excuse is that there's a healthy dose of Boy-gineering involved, too, so I was waiting on him to work his magic...which is actually prelude to some even neato-er magic he's been working on (and off) since we moved in.

Full disclosure shortly...I hope!