Monday, July 05, 2010

Inked Again!

At long last, Modern in MN meets Brigitte Woman!


This has been ages in the works and it's really fun to finally see the finished product. The whole deal actually started over a year ago, when I got an email from Marike, a German journalist, asking if I and the house would be interested in being featured in a magazine article she was thinking of doing for the German women's magazine Brigitte Woman. Being the attention whore that I am and always being up for a potentially interesting new experience and pal-making opportunity, of course I said yes, and about six months later she and photographer-sidekick Claudia (who is also German but based in NY) came and hung out with me for a day here at Modern in MN. It was fun and crazy and a little bit scary, because unlike the NYT article I appeared in a couple of years ago, these girls wanted to know about and photograph our entire house. The dust bunnies and cobwebs were on high alert, let me tell you.
Anyway, when we got home from our D.C./Paris adventure* late last week, I was pleasantly surprised to find a copy of the July issue of Brigitte Woman in my mailbox.
And here we are!
Brigitte woman pics
So fun! But being that I don't read or speak German and because I am too lazy to type all that text into an online translator, I have no idea what the article actually says. If there are any German-speakers out there who would like to translate, let me know. You'd be my hero. On the other hand, maybe I sound like a total loser and it would be better for my ego not to know.

*because I know how much everyone loves looking at other peoples' vacation pics, I've got our DC pics and our Paris pics over at Flickr and I'll be giving the rundown of events/food/stuff over at Splatgirl Creates in the coming days.